Chorizo Potato Smash over Spinach Salad

Chorizo Potato Smash Over Spinach Salad

I make salad at all times of the day. Breakfast salad is pretty typical in our house, especially since we’re usually breaking-the-fast during regular lunch hours. This meal is salad for dinner, hardy style.

I was looking at the menu I planned for the week and decided to take a right turn and make something completely different. I knew I was going to make a salad but I was looking for what protein to add to the meal. With a link and a half of uncooked Chorizo lying on the top shelf in the refrigerator I decided it was a good time to use that before it went bad. I threw together some potatoes and chorizo and let it cook long enough on the stove that it turned soft enough to look like it was smashed, hence the name. :)

Chorizo Potato Smash over Spinach Salad


  • 3 baking potatoes, chopped
  • 11.5 ounces chorizo
  • 1 onion, plus a little more for salad, chopped
  • olive oil, grassfed butter, coconut oil or your preferred cooking fat
  • 3-4 clovesgarlic, minced
  • 4 cups baby spinach
  • 1 green pepper, chopped
  • sea salt, coarse ground black pepper and dried oregano, to taste
  • extra virgin olive oil and apple-cider vinegar for dressing
  • cheddar cheese block, shredded


  1. Peal the potatoes and chop them up into manageable pieces.
  2. Add your preferred fat to the frying pan and add the potatoes, cooking over medium heat.
  3. Chop the onion and add it to the pan with the potatoes.
  4. Mince the cloves of garlic and add them to the onions and potatoes.
  5. Add some more oil to the top of the mixture along with a nice sprinkling of salt and pepper and mix together until coasted well.
  6. In a small skillet cook chorizo over medium heat.
  7. Stir the potato mixture. If you let it sit too long without mixing, it will start sticking to the bottom of the pan or burning so keep your eye on it, and keep stirring.
  8. Grab the plates you’ll be using to eat the meal, along with the green pepper and spinach.
  9. Rinse the baby spinach and divide evenly between the two plates.
  10. Chop the green pepper and additional onion (don’t forget to stir the potatoes and the chorizo as well).
  11. Layer some green pepper and onion on top of the spinach on each plate.
  12. Add a sprinkle of salt & pepper and a bit of oregano. Continue to stir, stir, stir both pans.
  13. When the chorizo is looking about done add it to the potato mixture. At this point your potatoes should be looking pretty soft and may be kind of mushy as well.
  14. Sprinkle a bit of oil & vinegar onto your salad.
  15. Chorizo Potato Smash over Spinach Salad

  16. When the potato & chorizo have been mixed and the potatoes are soft, it’s time to top the mixture over the salad.
  17. Scoop a nice heap of potato/chorizo mixture over the top of your salad.
  18. Shred a little bit of cheddar cheese, from a solid block using a cheese grater or what I use is a microplane, over the top for an extra tasty touch.
  19. Chorizo Potato Smash over Spinach Salad

  20. Enjoy! :)