Paleo Tortillas

Paleo Recipe Paleo Tortillas

Think that going Paleo means you can never have Mexican food again? Think again. Not only have I created an entire book of Mexican Paleo recipes, I finally perfected my Paleo tortilla recipe. Of course, you can always eat taco salad without a shell, but if you find yourself craving a classic taco or burrito, you’re going to want to use this recipe.

Paleo Tortillas

Traditional Tortillas

Even though traditional tortillas use corn instead of wheat, corn is still a grain (not a vegetable) – and many varieties of corn you find now are full of GMO, so those of us trying to live a Paleo lifestyle tend to avoid it.

Paleo Tortilla Ingredients

Instead of corn, the base of this tortilla recipe consists mostly of tapioca flour, with a little coconut flour. Although tapioca has some of the same problems as grains (high carb and little-to-no nutrition) it does not contain any of the anti-nutrients of grains. Therefore, these Paleo tortillas can be enjoyed as an occasional treat, but I don’t recommend eating them every day.

Chipotle Burritos, Made Paleo

I recently whipped up a batch of Paleo Tortillas when we stopped at Chipotle and took our typical bowls to go.

With Chipotle on the inside and these Paleo Tortillas on the outside, it took us back to the days when Chipotle first opened. :)

More recently, when Josh & Ryan were in town, I whipped up another batch to go with their Chipotle bowls.

Paleo Breakfast Tortillas

Paleo tortillas aren’t just good for lunch, you can serve them for breakfast too! Whip up a batch and fill them with eggs and a side of Harissa for a little breakfast burrito.

Paleo Tortillas

Paleo Tortillas

Yield: 7 small (taco) or 2 large (burrito) tortillas



  1. Add eggs and almond milk to a medium size mixing bowl. Break the yolks and whisk to combine.
  2. Add the tapioca, coconut and sea salt. Whisk until well blended and no flour bubbles exist.
  3. Heat a cast iron skillet over medium heat until very hot.
  4. The size of tortilla you make will be dependent on whether you'd like to produce taco or burrito size shells. For taco-size tortillas pour 1/3 cup into an 8" cast iron skillet, for burrito-size tortillas pour 1 cup into a 12" skillet.
  5. Swivel the pan around so the mixture fills the base. Reduce heat to medium-low. Wait about 1-2 minutes or until first side shows bubbles and sides are sturdy and able to flip. Flip and cook on reverse side until cooked throughout and browned. Note tortillas may start to puff up.
  6. Transfer the cooked tortillas to a plate and repeat sets above until all the batter is used up.
  7. Stuff with veggies, meat or anything (even fruit) and serve.
  8. Enjoy! :)