Chicago Paleo Restaurants

Sweet Home Chicago, our hometown and the place where we eat out the least frequently (Marla prefers spending time in our kitchen).

Thankfully Anthony, our resident Chicago Paleo Restaurant reviewer, is an avid restaurant-goer so you're in luck! And periodically, Marla will throw in a review when we do go out and enjoy a culinary night in the city.

Go on a taste journey through some of the best Paleo Friendly Restaurants in Chicago.

Paleo Restaurant Bistro Campagne

Bistro Campagne
(Chicago, IL)

Exploring the French cuisine at Bistro Campagne, a Paleo friendly restaurant in Chicago, is like being launched into a culinary adventure thru space & time.

Jeff Sarris at Au Cheval

Au Cheval
(Chicago, IL)

Looking for the best burger you’ll ever have in your entire life? Look no further than the Paleo friendly restaurant, Au Cheval, in Chicago.

Roots Handmade Pizza

Roots Handmade Pizza
(Chicago, IL)

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this restaurant has pizza in the name. They offer plenty of Paleo friendly options that cater to a wide range of preferences.

Gather Chicago

(Chicago, IL)

Gather is a farm-to-table, Paleo friendly restaurant in the city of Chicago. Have a seat right in front of the chef’s as they prepare your meal.

Acre Chicago

(Chicago, IL)

Looking for a Paleo restaurant in Chicago? Look no further than Acre for the perfect farm-to-table menu, sourced locally with a seasonal menu.

LOKaL Chicago

(Chicago, IL)

The ambience of this Paleo friendly restaurant, LOKaL, in Chicago was awesome. The food was even better.