Marla Sarris

Marla's not a chef, she just plays one on the internet. She's the founder of Paleo Porn, author of two Paleo cookbooks, project manager at SPYR and peddler of Paleo.

Paleo Recipe Chicken Vesuvio

Chicken Vesuvio

Chicken Vesuvio may not be well known outside of Chicago but it’s a delicious one-dish Paleo meal you can cook in large quantities to prepare for the week.

Paleo Recipes Ground Beef Paleo Dolmas

Ground Beef Paleo Dolmas

Like sushi, Ground Beef Paleo Dolmas require patience and tiny fingers. You’ll marinate, stuff and roll them to create a delicious meaty treat.

Paleo Recipe Fig & Pear in a Bowl

Warm Fig & Pear in a Bowl

Warm Fig & Pear in a Bowl is a Paleo dessert that makes use of fruit rather than sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Paleo Recipe Paleo Biscuits

Paleo Biscuit Recipe

Smother these Paleo Biscuits in butter or stuff them with meat. There’s no need to limit their use to dinner, serve them for breakfast slathered in jam!