Jeff Sarris

I develop brands at SPYR and eat ridiculously well here at Paleo Porn.

Jeff Sarris

32,000 Practice Runs: The Importance of Nutrition

I’ve done it 32,000 times. Yet for the first 26,000 I didn’t even try to excel.

Honestly, I didn’t even grasp just how many times I had done it.

It took me 26 years to discover the importance of what I put in my mouth. The importance of nutrition. Now I have 1,000 times per year to practice better eating habits.

Are Almonds Paleo?

We already know that those packages of “mixed nuts” are deceiving us – peanuts are not nuts, you silly snack wrapper, they’re legumes – but little did we know that’s only the start of it. Almonds are also living a lie. Almonds are not actually nuts at all. Well That’s Nuts… I Mean Seeds When […]

Is Quinoa Paleo?

Quinoa may be the most confusing food item for those new to paleo and veterans alike. We’re paleo so we eat plants, animals, nuts and seeds (in that order). Absent from that list are grains. So when asking ‘Is Quinoa Paleo?’ we must first ask: Is Quinoa a Grain? Nope, quinoa is not a grain. […]