Jeff Sarris

Jeff Sarris is an entrepreneur from Chicago. He runs the popular food blog Paleo Porn with his wife Marla where they're privileged to connect with hundreds of thousands of foodies every year.

After working in local government for seven years, Jeff co-founded SPYR, a brand development agency, and began constructing the life he had always wished to lead. This journey of discovery lead him to lifestyle design, mindfulness, and, inevitably, paleo.

Jeff is resident taste tester, photographer, filmmaker, and all-around doer of things at Paleo Porn. He's also Primal Blueprint Certified.

Paleo Porn VLOG 007

VLOG 007: Our CSA Farmer, Farmer Wayne

We spent the day at Farmer Wayne’s for his open house Farm Day. Throughout the day people visited to see the farm, learn about Wayne’s CSA, paleo, beekeeping, and to play with the animals.

Paleo Porn VLOG 006

VLOG 006: Do you have to eat no pasta ever?

We started our day on Periscope and didn’t expect to record a VLOG. But around 6pm we worked out, headed to the pool, and decided to finally record an Ask Paleo Porn segment.

Plus some nasty weather came in to make for a nice lightning filled timelapse.

Paleo Porn VLOG 004

VLOG 004: Is Rock Dead?

After going to a killer rock show, with barely anyone in attendance we wonder if rock’s dead. Not the music, but the support.

Marla lifts heavy things, makes a paleo lunch salad, and I share a bit about our business (SPYR) and our mentorship program.

How to Start a Food Blog

How to Start a Food Blog

Starting a blog is a piece of gluten-free cake. Order a cup of that fancy hipster coffee and you’ll be done before they call your name.

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee in Chicago

There are stellar cafés for butter coffee in Austin and Denver, but what about Chicago? Let’s uncover the best Bulletproof Coffee in our hometown.

Hack Your Sleep Paleo Porn

How to Sleep Better

We all want to know how to sleep better, not longer. Hack your bedroom, light, and diet and I guarantee you’ll sleep better than you ever thought possible.

Paleo Porn Family Dinner - Sold Out

Paleo Porn Family Dinner

Join the Paleo Porn Family for an underground dining experience in our hometown, Chicago. Plus a crew will be on-hand to film for an upcoming pop-up chef documentary series.