Paleo Peaches and Cream

Paleo Peaches and Cream 01

Who’s ready for 2013?! It’s definitely been a slow recovery from the holiday festivities for me. So.Much.Food. So.Little.Time. Lemme tell you, trying to ween off the sugar has been quite the undertaking. In an effort to remove it from my diet for a while, I thought I’d offer up this fruit and healthy fat snack. Plus, for those of you doing January’s Whole30, this is right in line for you.

I’ve got a lot of plans for 2013 but I have to tell you, I put my computer away the week of Christmas and didn’t open it up for an entire week! Gasp…I know!! We were so busy I didn’t even notice and it felt nice to be detached for a while…off the feeding tube of social media and the interwebs. But I’m back now…ready to rock 2013! I even added the Chrome extension to limit my Facebook time to 15 seconds…OMG do you know how short that is?? I feel like bitching the screen out every time it gives me the “Marla, shouldn’t you be working?” message. But it’s working because look…a new recipe!! :)

Are you a warrior?

I started the year off making some adjustments to the warriorZ site. With everyone focussed on fitness at the start of the year I wanted to make sure any new comers had an FAQ section available. And coming soon you’ll be able to sort ZWOW’s by equipment needed, per a request made by one of the warriorz, that I thought was an excellent idea. Also Zuzka’s ZCUT Power Cardio Series DVD is officially available as of today and I betcha can’t guess who’s already picked up her copy! ;)

Sugar: The root of all evil

This summer while I was writing Pigskin Paleo I had such a productive time and such mental clarity when my brain wasn’t on drugs (i.e. sugar) that I decided as of January, Jeff & I were going to lay off the sugar once again. The problem is, I had so many ingredients leftover from cooking for Christmas that I didn’t want to waste anything. So, as soon as everything’s gone we’re gonna start. It doesn’t have to be a day ending in -day to start (well I guess maybe that one’s true) But it doesn’t have to be a Monday or the beginning of the month, any day’s a good day to make a change. And for us we’re cuttin the sugar as soon as our fridge and pantry are clear…and we’re almost there! WOOHOO!!

sugar is the root of all evil

I posted this snack a while back on my Instagram, you know waaaaay back in 2012 ;) and it got a nice reception. I figured now that the holidays are over and I’m trying to remove sugar from my diet (and I count fruit in that) a healthy snack would be nice to share with those of you not removing fruit from their diet.

This is super quick and super easy, like eating honey from the jar! (I don’t do that…but someone else in our house does, and it’s not Alpha.)


Paleo Peaches and Cream

Yield: 1 Serving


  • 1 peach
  • 2-4 teaspoons coconut butter, (We enjoy Nikki's)


  1. Cut the peach in half. Remove the pit. Cut each half in half again. Now you should have 4 quarters.
  2. Use a spoon to scoop a serving of coconut cream concentrate (also known as coconut butter) and slather it on each peach slice. Feel free to lick the spoon, no one else will know, it's a serving for one! :) OR take some time and make your own coconut butter by wizzing shredded coconut in a food processor until butter forms.
  3. If you prefer to share, feel free, but I bet you'll need 2 peaches if that's gonna happen...and you might not want to lick the spoon. ;)
  4. Enjoy! :)