Paleo Apple Pie in a Bowl
Marla Sarris

Paleo Apple Pie in a Bowl

You know those days when you just don’t feel like yourself. Either you haven’t gotten enough sleep or something has caused your daily “routine” to change. Well I have had that feeling and I’ve been CRAVING sweets like crazy. Today that sweet tooth was satisfied by this Paleo Apple Pie in a bowl. :)

Paleo Apple Pie in a Bowl

Most of the time I go into the kitchen, look around, throw a bunch of stuff in either a bowl, a frying pan or the blender. Then I’ll put it into a glass or a plate, post a photo and serve it to Jeff.

Paleo Apple Pie in a Bowl

Well this recipe was no different. With a large amount of bananas in the kitchen staring me down and because Jeff absolutely loves them, that was the first ingredient I picked up. Since I was craving something sweet the next thing I reached for was a Fuji apple or two.

Paleo Apple Pie in a Bowl

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Once I added the almond butter and stirred that around a bit to create a smoother consistency, I knew I was done.

Paleo Apple Pie in a Bowl

I think you’ll love it. This recipe, which can be found in Pigskin Paleo, has been a hit at parties and events every time I’ve made it.

Paleo Apple Pie in a Bowl

Taste’s like apple pie in your mouth and no need for the crust, PLUS it’s super quick and an easy way to customize and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Paleo Apple Pie in a Bowl


  • 1 banana
  • 1 Fuji apple (or whatever apple you have on hand)
  • 1 heaping tablespoon chunky almond butter (soooo…maybe it was more like 2 tablespoons) :)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Directions Makes 2 servings

  1. Slice the banana and add it to a medium sized bowl.
  2. Slice the apple, then chop it into medium size squares (comparable in size to the distance from your first knuckle to the tip of your thumb) and add it to the bowl with the banana.
  3. Add the almond butter, cinnamon and nutmeg to the mixture. Make sure parts of the banana slices are mashed so the almond butter and banana mix together to make a smooth texture.
  4. With a large spoon, probably the one you used to scoop the almond butter, mix everything together. Taste to see if more almond butter or cinnamon is needed.
  5. Then take that bowl and spoon and walk anywhere you want and enjoy your apple pie in a bowl! :)

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  1. This looks really good. I wouldn’t have thought to substitute the banana for the crust (sorta). PINNING IT.

    • Thanks Dorian! Yay for Pinning! :D

      • I haven’t tried this one yet but last week, when I was doing a trial run of paleo-ness while on vacation, I was CRAVING chocolate and I thought “what I really want is some fat and something sweet.” So I had a cut-up banana and some peanut butter. I know, I know, peanuts are not paleo, but I was amazed at how that satisfied my craving. I never would have thought to try the banana-as-dessert if not for this recipe. (And I really like bananas!)

        • Oh YAY! for so many reasons…

          1. A Paleo trial run, and while you were ON VACATION! That’s awesome!
          2. Trying to satisfy a craving is hard. Way to grab a small, taste worthy snack.
          3. I love bananas too. And peanut butter is not as bad as reaching for a snickers bar…hehe

          I’m so happy to hear this recipe helped you reach for a healthy Paleo solution. Can’t wait to hear more on how things are going with your progress! :)

          • Wellllll, it was probably about 80% paleo, max, but I thought it would be good to try while in a relaxing environment so that my brain will associate paleo eating with being at the beach. This will probably not work as a long-term self-brainwashing solution but every little bit helps. :) I also had a “blank slate” in terms of ingredients handy as we were staying at a house that didn’t have a fully stocked kitchen – so I could load up my grocery cart with only paleo-friendly ingredients, for the most part.

            Anyway – keep posting recipes, because I am enjoying them!

  2. YUMMY!!! we love almond butter and can’t wait to try this!

    • Excellent! I ALWAYS get the crunchy kind and we stock up on the Trader Joe’s kind, but I’m going to start making my own since it’s super easy to do. Lemme know how this turns out for ya! :)

  3. We left the banana out and added a few drops of lemon juice… it tastes exactly like apple pie! Thanks for the wonderful idea!!!!!

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