Is Corn Paleo?

NoIs Corn Paleo?

Grain vs. Vegetable

Despite corn’s recent acceptance into the vegetable category, it’s an impostor. It’s really a grain, and as such, is not Paleo-friendly. Like all grains, corn is high in carbohydrates (most of which is starch and sugars, which lead to a spike in blood sugar) and low in nutrients. It has nominal amounts of B vitamins and a few minerals, but nowhere near the nutrition contained in real vegetables.

Paleo and Anti-Nutrients

The one thing corn has going for it is the fact that it is relatively devoid of anti-nutrients. It doesn’t contain any gluten or a lot of the other toxins that cause digestive problems. For that reason, if you can tolerate it, and you’re craving some carbs, going for some corn might not be the worst thing you could do, but you would definitely want to stay away from carbs for the rest of the day … maybe the week.

Mark Sisson has a number of reasons for avoiding corn.