Ribeye Steak and Steamed Broccoli

Ribeye Steak and Steamed Broccoli

A few weeks back I tried out my first Crossfit class and came home ready to eat dinner, but of course I needed to make it first! I’m so glad I had meat and veggies ready in the fridge to take out & cook up in a jiffy! I grabbed the ribeye steaks, threw them in a frying pan, got some water boiling to steam the broccoli and in maybe a little over a half hour dinner was ready!

The Crossfit class was awesome! I absolutely loved it and would like to go back. But before I can do that I’ve set a goal to finish what I’ve already started.

It’s been years since I was a regular member of the X-biking classes at the Bensenville Park District and I recently decided to get back into it again. I bought a 20 class punch card when it was on sale at the beginning of January and made the decision to commit to morning classes, and as an added bonus, I’d be able to see the sun more. I figured getting on a bike indoors would help get me through the cold season and help train for triathlon season’s arrival.

I set a goal after purchasing that card to attend X-biking classes every week, for 10 weeks, until my punch card was full and attend 2 classes a week in the early mornings…which if you didn’t already know, would be quite the challenge as we normally operate on what I like to call “a vampire schedule”. Plus instead of watching the new season of American Idol at night (which I have watched every year since season 1!) I want to focus my attention on my blog and non-tv-related things such as training for the SheROX triathlon I just signed up for in June by doing some Zuzka Light home ZWOW’s, cooking, reading and learning.

I’ve been on a roll completing the ZWOW’s, X-biking and swimming regularly at the indoor pool that I just bought a membership to (for a killer price!) and I just told Jeff that last week Monday-Sunday was the first time I had worked out 7 straight days in a row, ever! And I’m no stranger to fitness either. When we were in college we worked out regularly five days a week together, but it never carried over to the weekends. I guess when you’ve got a goal in site and motivation to work toward your thinking changes. I want to be the strongest I’ve ever been when June rolls around and I can’t wait for the weather to turn so I can head outside without layering up.

So this is the dinner I made when I came home from CrossFit Roselle a few weeks back.

Ribeye Steak and Steamed Broccoli

Yield: 2-3 Servings


  • grass-fed butter
  • 1 head broccoli
  • 4 grass-fed ribeye steaks
  • garlic salt, to taste
  • garlic powder, to taste
  • onion powder, to taste
  • coarse ground black pepper, to taste
  • chili powder, to taste
  • dried oregano, to taste


  1. Melt the butter in a medium size frying pan over medium heat.
  2. Add water to a pot and turn on medium-high heat.
  3. Season the steaks with seasonings on both sides, then add them to the frying pan.
  4. Wash off the broccoli and trim the tops into tiny florets then add to the steamer attachment that will sit in the pan.
  5. Once the water is boiling add the steamer attachment and cover with a lid.
  6. After a few minutes flip the steaks.
  7. Let the meat cook and the broccoli steam. You'll know the broccoli is done when it turns a bright colored green, where it almost looks fake.
  8. Remove the broccoli from the steamer and transfer to a bowl. Add any other seasons or ingredients, I added melted butter, salt & pepper to season it a bit.
  9. Keep your eye on the meat. You can always cut into the middle to see if it's cooked to the consistency you prefer. If you'd like to speed up the cooking process cover the pan.
  10. Once the meat is done, put both on a plate and eat!
  11. Enjoy! :)