Anthony Apostol

Anthony is the resident Chicago Paleo Restaurant Reviewer here at Paleo Porn and creator of the Fn Bar, the Paleo fruit and nut bar that's the best f'n bar we've ever tasted.

Paleo Recipe Turmeric Coffee

Turmeric Coffee

Upgrade your morning by adding Turmeric Coffee to your Paleo breakfast.

Paleo Restaurant Star Lounge Coffee Bar

Star Lounge Coffee Bar (Chicago)

Whether you want something warm and comforting, or cool and refreshing, Star Lounge Coffee Bar – a Paleo coffee bar in Chicago – has a few options for you.

Portage Grounds Chicago

Portage Grounds (Chicago)

Portage Grounds sits in a quiet part on the northwest side of Chicago. They serve Intelligentsia Coffee and many different teas.

Ispento Coffee House

Ipsento Coffee Roasters (Chicago)

Ipsento is a Paleo restaurant with a staff that knows what they’re doing when it comes to both common and uncommon methods of making a great cup of coffee.

Blackberry Market

Blackberry Market (Chicago)

Blackberry Market is a Paleo restaurant in the Chicago suburbs. A place you can relax with a cup of Intelligentsia coffee, eat a salad or nab a local product.

Anagra Coffee & Tea Chicago

Anagra Coffee & Tea (Chicago)

Anagra Coffee & Tea in Chicago is a Paleo friendly coffee house serving locally roasted Tugboat Coffee and gluten-free desserts, if you’re in the mood to indulge your sweet tooth.

Calibre Coffee Chicago

Calibre Coffee (Chicago)

Calibre Coffee in South Barrington is a Paleo friendly coffee shop serving local single-origin brands such as Intelligentsia and Metropolis.