Are Energy Drinks Paleo?


Just as Paleo is all about avoiding processed foods, it’s equally important to stay away from almost any beverage that comes in a can, and this includes energy drinks. Most energy drinks contain around 80 grams of sugar per serving (keep in mind that a serving can be less than a can, especially when the can is a large one).  That amount will definitely lead to a rise in blood sugar, followed by a crash, which is something we always try to avoid when living a Paleo lifestyle. When your blood sugar plummets, you crave more sugar to get it back up, and the cycle continues, no doubt something the makers of energy drinks depend on.

Caffeine Overload

In addition to being loaded with sugar, these canned beverages often come packed with more caffeine than our bodies are equipped to handle. While a standard cup of coffee generally contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine, these energy drinks can contain up to 500 milligrams.

Mark Sisson gave his reasons to avoid energy drinks.

A Healthy Alternative

There is good news, though. Coffee is a natural, Paleo-friendly way to help get you going in the morning. Try making yourself a delicious cup of bulletproof coffee and you won’t remember why you ever bothered with energy drinks.