What’s in a Name?

Why would I throw a capital I in the middle of a word where all other letters are lower case and the first letter is capitalized for a name? I wouldn’t! Would you? Apparently many people see my name and make this assumption.

Marla Sarris Malibu Beach California-2How can you glance at a list of names and spell it wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME?

Growing up while I was in elementary school one would think I had a twin sister named Maria for all the duplicate certificates I was given every year.

I’m gonna start signing my name in emails and writing below it NO! MY NAME IS NOT Maria! Maybe people will notice the difference when the two names are only one line apart.

Put on your damn glasses and look. I’m sure you learned in kindergarten or first grade your numbers & letters, there is a clear difference between an L/l and an I/i! See that little dot at the top? Yeah there it is, if not, make your font larger.

Don’t take this wrong if your name is Maria, it’s a nice name, not for me though – it’s just not MY name.

It got so bad going through school that when there was a new song out, like My Maria by Brooks & Dunn or the name Maria was mentioned in any song, my grandparents would use it to their advantage to call me by my “other name”.

I can’t tell you how pissed off I get when I see an email sent back to me with my name spelled wrong. If you’re responding back to an email I sent you, my name is in almost every email address I own, I would have signed my name at the bottom of the email I sent, and all would have been spelled correctly. None of which would be spelled by throwing a capital i in the mix of all lower case letters. It’s one of the reasons my twitter handle is spelled in all caps for my first name and all lower case letters my last. I want people to see the correct spelling, but I’m not going to yell my name at the end of an email and sign in all caps. I kind of leave it up to the person on the receiving end to take the time and be aware of the email they’re getting and pay attention to detail.

Next time you’re taking time out of your day to write an email to someone or even just speaking to someone in person and trying to get their name in there, don’t glance over the letters like they don’t mean something, that’s a person’s name. Part of everyone’s identity is their name. Either don’t include the persons name in the message, don’t say their name outloud, or make it a point to try and get it right the first time.

And just so you know, my name is not MARIA it’s MARLA.