Are Figs Paleo?

YesAre Figs Paleo?

A big part of living a Paleo lifestyle is eating plants, and that includes figs. Figs are widely available in two different ways: fresh and dried. Although the dried variety contains more fat and protein (still not a significant amount of either), it also contains more sugar. For this reason, although figs can be included as part of a Paleo-lifestyle, they should be eaten only on occasion, rather than every day.


Everybody is different so your tolerance of carbohydrates may not be the same as someone else’s tolerance. Some people find that living a Paleo lifestyle free of all fruit is ideal, while others find that eating fruit on a regular basis works best for them.

Mark Sisson includes figs in his list of the best low-carb fruits, so if you are craving something a little sweet, figs can be a great Paleo way to get that sugar fix.