Are Croissants Paleo?

NoAre Croissants Paleo?

The French may enjoy good health, despite eating a croissant for breakfast every morning, but that still doesn’t make croissants Paleo. Yes, they’re full of buttery goodness and that can be Paleo, depending on your dairy tolerance, but the rest of these pastries are made of wheat.

Paleo and Carbohydrates

No matter how much good Paleo fare you eat, consuming wheat can still cause big problems. It’s extremely high in carbs, and diets that contain a lot of carbohydrates tend to lead to insulin resistance, a dangerous metabolic disorder that is known to precede everything from diabetes to cancer.

The Problems With Inflammation

Wheat is also highly inflammatory. Even those who don’t have overt symptoms of gluten sensitivity often suffer from constant inflammation. It’s low enough so they don’t notice, but that inflammation, if allowed to become chronic, comes with its own health risks, including high blood pressure and heart disease

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