Are Blackberries Paleo?

YesAre Blackberries Paleo?

Because many people following a Paleo lifestyle are also restricting their carbohydrates, they tend to eliminate, or restrict, fruits from their diet. This can sometimes lead to people claiming that fruits are not Paleo, despite their classification as edible plants. Berries, however, are often a source of common ground. They tend to be lowest in sugar of all the fruits and they have tons of anti-oxidants. As a result, even those trying to watch their blood sugar levels will usually indulge in the occasional handful of berries.


Because berries require so much work to harvest, it is unusual to eat more than a handful or so at a time. This is the perfect way to get your anti-oxidants without overdoing it on the sugar. For many people, this is also a Paleo-friendly way to get that sugar fix, if you’re craving it. Mark Sisson has a break down of the most beneficial fruits on his blog.