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Are you paleo and in Chicago? So are we! If you’re looking to meet with some like-minded paleo friends in Chicago you should join Paleo Chicago, a thriving meetup group (450+ members!) that meets in the city and Chicago suburbs, a lot of whom do really cool things.

If you’re looking for a good paleo friendly restaurant in Chicago have a look below at some paleo restaurant reviews from Paleo Chicago’s Anthony. While you’re here don’t forget to get your fix of paleo recipes and paleo cookbooks from Marla. Plus, keep stink at bay with Lynette’s Paleodorant.

Grokfeast 2013 / Paleo Chicago: Feast at the Farm

Thanks to Cliff at Barrington Natural Farms for being so kind as to share his farm with us for the day. With raw milk, grassfed cattle and pasture raised chicken, pigs and goats, Cliff’s farm is paleo through and through… and only about an hour outside of Chicago. Support your local farmer, give Cliff a shout and let him know we sent you! :)

Paleo Friendly Restaurants in Chicago

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We’re adding Chicago Paleo Restaurant recommendations and reviews over the next weeks and months. If you have any specific requests let us know!

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Are you a part of the Paleo Chicago Meetup Group? If not, click here to join (it’s free!) If you are a part of the group or just want some sweet Paleo Chicago swag, snag your own Paleo Chicago T-shirt below :)

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