Why Do You Eat?

Marla Sarris

I recently did a fasting experiment. In the end I went 37 hours without eating.

My fast consisted of drinking water and one glass of tea.

Funny enough the first paragraph of this week’s Weekend Link Love, from Mark’s Daily Apple, talks about a new study out on 24 hour fasting.

(Look out for Mark’s sarcasm sign.)

The ease of this particular fasting experiment got me thinking…why do we eat?

Do we really know when we’re hungry or is our body really just thirsty?

Do you eat…

…to pass the time?
…because you’re excited?
…because you’re thirsty?
…because you see it?
…because everyone else is?
…because you’re bored?
…because it’s there?
…because you’re tired?
…because it’s “meal” time?
…because you’re stressed out?

Or do you eat because you really are hungry?

Next time you think you are hungry wait a bit or drink a glass of water and see. Are you really hungry? How do you know?