This Week in Paleo Porn: Episode 3 (July 18, 2014)

Episode 3 of our subscriber-only series, This Week in Paleo Porn.

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Mentioned in this Episode

Paleo Porn Events
* The Minimalists Tour
* Paleo Chicago Meetup Group
* Jilz Gluten Free Crackerz
* Paleo f(x) Recap

Paleo Recipes
* Paleo Chicken Salad
* Paleo Mayo
* Beef Heart Fajitas
* Harissa

Paleo Cookbooks
* Los Paleo: Mexican Paleo Recipes

Episode Details

Season: 1
Episode: 3
Duration: 05:52
Release Date: 07/18/14
Host: Marla Sarris
Videographer / Editor: Jeff Sarris

This Week in Paleo Porn

Episode Transcript

Hey everybody, Marla Sarris here from Paleo Porn. I’ve got three recipes for you and we’ve got another event to discuss for this episode of This Week in Paleo Porn.

Let’s do this!

So last week was The Mins event. They were here, The Minimalists I should say. They were here on their Everything That Remains book tour and they had a huge turnout in Chicago, which was awesome. It was almost 1000 people and we talked about it last week so there were some paleo people there that we got to talk to afterwards.

It was a lot of fun having them (The Mins) stay with us for almost a week. They’re now moving on, so if The Mins are in your area you should check out their tour page so you can go out and see them where you are.

This week we have another Paleo Chicago meetup event. It’s not necessarily a meetup, but Jilz Gluten Free Crackerz is coming to town. She makes paleo crackers that are grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free… all the free-ness stuff. There’s nothing bad in it. They’re made from almond flour and they taste really good.

We met Jill when we were in Austin for Paleo f(x) and we got to try her crackers. You can tell that they’re her crackers because her face is on the front of the packaging. It’s really cute. And you can recognize her from that. So she is going to be in Lake County on the 18th, 19th and 20th. That is the northern suburbs of Chicago so if you’re in the Chicagoland area and want to give her crackers a try you should come out. There are five locations. She’s going to be at the Sunset Foods locations and we’re gonna put them on the screen somewhere because I can’t remember all the dates and times and locations.

So be sure to go out and give her crackers a try if you’re curious. And pickup some to support her because she is a paleo-friendly company.

On Paleo Porn this week I’ve got three recipes, like I said. One of them is Paleo Chicken Salad. The Chicken Salad is made using my Paleo Mayo so you can give that a try and whip it up.

It’s a quick recipe so if you boil your chicken and just toss it all together it’s really good for bringing for lunches. You can eat it cold or you can eat it warm.

I’ve also got Beef Heart Fajitas with Red Salsa. I made a red salsa for Los Paleo so this is a similar recipe to that. It is super tasty. If you’ve never had beef heart before it’s really good. And I really would encourage you to give it a try because you may be thinking, oh it’s an organ meat, it’s heart, but it’s really tasty and it doesn’t really taste like liver would taste, which has it’s own flavor. It basically just tastes like steak and it’s really good for you. So definitely give the Beef Heart Fajitas a try.

And the third recipe I have on the site is Homemade Harissa. Harissa is a chili paste that you can use kinda like siricha, oh my, siricha… kinda like Siracha or any other bottles and things like that that you would use for condiments. But you can use this on anything, seriously anything. We’ve put it on scrambled eggs. We’ve put it on tuna wraps. We’ve put it on sushi. We’ve put it on steak and pork. Really anything. And once you have it sitting in the fridge you’re gonna want to try it with everything.

Ryan really enjoyed it while he was here. He was putting it on everything. Seriously.

So give the Harissa recipe a try and let me know what you think on any of the social media. You can reach us on the Paleo Porn Twitter account. You can also reach us on Facebook, PaleoPornTV. On our Google+ page. On YouTube. And on Instagram as well, I’m @MARLAsarris on Instagram. There is also a @PaleoPorn Instagram, but we don’t really use it because we use our own personal ones.

But that is everything for what happened This Week in Paleo Porn. I hope you have a fantastic week!

See ya next time!

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