This Week in Paleo Porn: Episode 2 (July 13, 2014)

Episode 2 of our subscriber-only series, This Week in Paleo Porn.

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Mentioned in this Episode

Paleo Products
* Misfit Wearables Shine

New Paleo Recipes
* Stuffed Squash Blossom Frittata
* Paleo Mayo Recipe & Video

Paleo Restaurant Reviews
* Ipsento
* Portage Grounds Coffee Roasters

Paleo Friendly Personal Care
* New Reviewer: Lynette
* Cebelle Cleanser

Paleo Porn Events
* The Minimalists

* Paleo Porn: The Book

Episode Details

Season: 1
Episode: 2
Duration: 07:02
Release Date: 07/13/14
Host: Marla Sarris
Videographer / Editor: Jeff Sarris

This Week in Paleo Porn

Episode Transcript

Hey everybody, Marla Sarris here from Paleo Porn. I’ve got two restaurant reviews, two recipes and a guest appearance. And I’m finally going to talk about my Shine.

This is the second episode of This Week in Paleo Porn. So let’s get to it!

So, last week I left you off with…

I forgot to talk about my Shine. Should I talk about the Shine?

I forgot all about talking about it because I had all these other things I wanted to say. So, the Shine is an activity monitor. It’s made by Misfit Wearables. And it also tracks your sleep. I’m super excited to have found this because now I know how much deep sleep I am getting. And it records all the information and puts it on to the iPhone app. So I can just pull it up and see how much sleep I had, how restful of sleep and I can track all that information along with how much distance you walk. Or I walk. Or you, if you want to get one. And you can also take pictures of your food and track that all within the app.

It’s pretty cool so I would say look into it if you’re interested. And it comes in pretty purple Paleo Porn! Paleo Porn purple!

So besides the Misfit Wearables Shine I’ve got two new recipes on Paleo Porn. One is the Stuffed Squash Blossom Frittata. It’s so pretty looking. It’s kind of a mild taste. I stuffed the squash blossoms with some mushrooms and onions because those are my favorite foods. And then we turned it into a frittata and it came out all pretty looking. You can serve it for brunch or just a plain old Tuesday breakfast. You can eat it cold or warm, either way it’s all good.

And the second recipe I’ve got up on the site that I want to talk to you about is our first recipe video! For Paleo Mayonnaise! I had so much fun in our kitchen filming the first video. Not only is there a video for how to do it, but the recipe is also up on Paleo Porn. It’s a basic mayo recipe so you can spice it up with anything you want. Like cayenne pepper or garlic. When you add garlic, then you’ve got an aioli, so garlic aioli. You can add any other ingredients that you want, but that’s the basic recipe for you to start with.

Those are the two recipes I’ve got. So, restaurant reviews!

I’ve got two restaurant reviews thanks to Anthony. They are both in Chicago and they’re both coffee shops. One is called Ipsento and the other is Portage Grounds Coffee Roasters.

Both of them are quite different. They’re in different neighborhoods of Chicago and you just have to go to the site and check it out!

Aside from those, we have a new reviewer. Lynette is now reviewing our Paleo Friendly Personal Care items. She has created a Red Flag List of things you should look out for when you buy certain personal products. And she did a review of the Cebelle Cleanser, I hope I’m saying that right. It’s like a soapy thing that you use to like clean yourself? Uh, on your face or anywhere… but you can use it for makeup remover which is what I use it for. And we’ve got a review of that product on the site.

None of these reviews are paid, we’re reviewing these products because we want to tell you all about how paleo friendly they are and what are the good things to pick up. So if you have any requests on products that you want us to review, just let us know!

Let’s see…

Well, let’s get to the guest!

So, I’ve got a friend here. And we’ve got an event coming up on Monday so I think you should definitely come out to it, but I’m gonna let him explain all about it. Let’s turn it over to Ryan.

Hello Paleo Porn fans! Thank you so much for having me.

You’re welcome.

I am Ryan Nicodemus. I am half of The Minimalists and we’re in Chicago! We will be at the Portage Theater, at 7 o’clock, on Monday. I hope all of you can make it. Marla will be there. For any additional details you can go to See ya later!

So definitely check out The Mins book. They’re on their 100 city worldwide tour. They’ll be in London and all of Europe. And then they’re going to Australia. They’re doing this all for their one book, Everything That Remains. It’s awesome. And we love The Mins.

So definitely come out on Monday and I think that about wraps it up.

Of course you can follow us on all the social media. We’ve got Paleo Porn on Facebook. You can hit me up on Twitter if you have a question or comment. We’ve also got the Google+ Paleo Porn page and YouTube!. If you subscribe to our channel you’ll make sure that you see all of our videos. And give us a thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed this video and if you have any questions for me let me know!

I think that’s it. So have a great week and I’ll talk to you next week… Unless I see you on Monday! Come to The Mins event.

Good job.


I would have totally plugged the book, I didn’t even think about it. I was like, oh yeah I guess I could’ve talked about it. You did a great job.

You are an author.

Thanks for filling in the gaps. I know I guess I just assume, like. If I say I’m half of The Minimalists… Anyway.


Right, right. And you remembered the book title.

I did.


Because I was doing the book reviews and stuff on the site. And things that I’ve been reading, so yes. I remembered yours.

You know how I remember it?


Because Josh liked my bagel. He was here last year on tour and he called it the Everything That Remains Bagel.

That’s awesome.

So that’s how I remember the title.

That’s great. The Everything That Remains Bagel, patent pending.

It’ll be in the next cookbook with that title.

Oh nice, oh really? That’s great. That’s great.