This Week in Paleo Porn: Episode 1 (July 3, 2014)

Welcome to Episode 1 of our subscriber-exclusive series, This Week in Paleo Porn.

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Episode Details

Season: 1
Episode: 1
Duration: 05:54
Release Date: 07/03/14
Host: Marla Sarris
Videographer / Editor: Jeff Sarris

This Week in Paleo Porn

Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Marla Sarris here from Paleo Porn. We’re doing something a little bit different and I kinda want to get your feedback on it. We’re calling it Paleo Porn, no, we’re calling it This Week in Paleo Porn.

So… This Week in Paleo Porn you’re gonna find a recipe on the site called Spice Drawer Paleo Chicken Tenders, that’s it. Because all you gotta do is open your spice drawer. Whatever you see there is what you shake on your chicken tenders and then you put it on the stovetop and you flip ’em over and you cover them up and you cook ’em up!

It’s a really quick recipe and it’s actually the first recipe that Jeff and I would eat when we first went paleo because it’s super quick and versatile. You can grab different spices every single time and right now is a really good time to be grabbing herbs and spices and to be testing them out because farmer’s markets have all the organic spices and herbs and everything like that so you can pick up a new one and give it a try. It’ll be different every single time.

So there’s new restaurant reviews as well. One of them is Roots Handmade Pizza. Now don’t get too excited because it’s not paleo pizza and I’m sorry, but you can complain to them about that.


Anthony went there and he did a review and we’ve got some really good stuff to eat at Roots, even though the pizza is not for us to eat.

I also have a couple other restaurant reviews that I wanna talk about. One is for Gather. Gather is a New American style restaurant, which is typically the style of cooking that I do. It is a very paleo friendly restaurant and they source from local farms from around Chicago so it’s really cool. And it’s really pretty inside and you can see from the photos that I tried to show you how awesome it is.

There’s one more and it’s in the suburbs of Chicago. It’s Blackberry Market, I believe… You’ll have to just go and look.

Go ahead and read our reviews on all three and how paleo friendly they are and let us know what you think!

I’ve also got for todays This Week in Paleo Porn, a book review! So I’ve been reading a lot lately and it’s been going really really fast. I’ve been reading a lot of fiction so I created a new page on Paleo Porn if you’re curious what I’ve been reading. That is at and I also have another page for all of our, um, recommended, I’m not gonna say required this isn’t school, although I used to be a teacher so maybe it is required. On that page we’ve got and the book that I want to tell you about is called Paleo Girl. It is a brand new book and it’s really aimed at girls who are aged puberty all the way through college. The girl who wrote it came through Primal Blueprint Publishing and she focuses on all the things that girls in that age range really would need to know to follow a paleo diet. I bought it for my sister and I gave that to her, before I gave it to her of course I wanted to read it so I read through it. And I thought it was a really great resource to give to girls those ages. So if you have a family member, a brother, not a brother, it’s a girl… well boys might like it. I guess. Maybe? I dunno. So girls aged puberty through college I’d definitely recommend you get it for someone that age. And give it to them and have them page through the pages and maybe they’ll learn something new.

Let’s see, if you’ve enjoyed this little experiment of mine and Jeff’s, because he’s the one behind the camera, if you’ve enjoyed it let me know by responding to the email. This is a private video, just for my subscribers so thanks for being on the list!

If you don’t want to respond via email and you want to do something publicly you can contact me via Twitter at @MARLAsarris, that’s my Twitter handle. Of course the Twitter handle for Paleo Porn is @PaleoPornTV. You can also get ahold of me on Facebook. Our Facebook page is or you can get to our Google+ page which is some random thing that’s gonna probably show up above, below or next to my head right now (

The YouTube Channel! This is obviously a video on YouTube so feel free to subscribe ( And of course we’re on Instagram and all the fun stuff, but I don’t know if you could… well you could leave me a little comment on a picture, but eh, whatever.

I hope you enjoyed this! So have a great rest of your week and I’ll talk to you soon!


I forgot to talk about my Shine. Should I talk about the Shine?