Five Fingers Triathlon Training
Marla Sarris

Tri Training (day 7 & 8)

Monday was my day of rest but Tuesday I got right back on track again, and then some!

I ate a couple eggs over easy with bacon for breakfast, fed Alpha his breakfast then headed toward East End pool. As I was riding my bike it didn’t feel so great, it actually seemed a bit wobbly so I decided to head to the bike shop along the Prairie Path. After this weekend’s 40 mile bike ride I’m thinking it needed a little tune up. I dropped off my bike with the guy who said it’d be 3-5 days before he’d get it back to me, then continued on my way – walking this time – to the pool. That was about a two mile walk.

Once I got to the pool, since it looked packed, I figured I’d have to share the lanes with multiple people. I was in luck! The lane I chose with two younger kids swimming were just getting out when I got in. I had the lane to myself for a few minutes before another guy joined me. This is what I did with my time while I was there:

  • 500 free
  • 5 sets of 50 free sprints, with 10 seconds rest between each
  • 100 fly
  • 5 sets of 50 free sprints, with 10 seconds rest between each
  • 5 sets of 100 IM
  • 500 free

After I got out I spent some time chatting with a friend who was relaxing at the pool then started my walk back toward home.

After texting Jeff on my walk home, he decided to ride his bike and meet me for lunch at Chipotle.

After a quick stop at the post office and library, I handed over my bag for Jeff to carry and decided to run the rest of the way home. The difference with today’s run is that I was wearing my five-fingers. I normally only wear them to ride and not run so once I got home my calves and feet were on fire! Those shoes cause you to run using the balls of your feet, rather than the heals, and I’m just not used to it yet. I’ve got 25 days left till the race, and still going strong.

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What kind of workout did you do today?


  1. Those shoes crack me up!

    Well I am off training for two weeks. I had a skin cancer (not dangerous) cut out of my arm and the stitches will be in for two weeks.

    Boo-hoo for me

    But I will enjoying watching your training


    • I thought you’d be excited to know, since you love my shoes, I bought a new pair of Vibrams :) I’ll take pictures to show you the new ones as soon as they arrive, they should be here tomorrow! :D

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