Tri Training (day 4)

Marla Sarris Elmhurst 4 on the Fourth

Today was a beautiful day! I did a little running, a little swimming and a little biking – all pretty much in that order too!

My cousin Linda came over and ran with me at the park by our house. We did a 2.5 minute run/2 minute walk for a total of around 30-35 minutes. Later in the day I rode my bike to the pool and swam for a good half hour or more, and rode home again. I didn’t keep track of what I was doing, I just swam. I know I started with a 250 free and then did a combination of fly, breast, back and a few different freestyle drills. When I came home I finally google mapped the distance from our house to the pool and it turns out the complete distance there and back accumulates to the total distance I’ll ride for the triathlon, so I’ll need to start riding a bit more after I swim to really get a feel for how it will be.

Once I was home for an hour or so I made dinner using a modified version of a recipe for the ribs, in one of my Primal cookbooks.Raspberry-garlic marinated pork spare-ribs with a garnish of bacon and a side of buttered asparagus. I also made strawberry-banana smoothies and froze them to make them more like ice-cream for dessert. Overall it was a very active and motivating day. Looking forward to a pretty active weekend as well!

What plans do you have this weekend?