Tri Training (day 3)

Marla Sarris Triathlon

I’m three days in, how many days before I can call it a routine? :)

Instead of riding my bike to the pool today I had to drive. The window I had available to swim and get back, before having to take Alpha for his regular check-up at the vet, was too small to ride my bike to the pool and get back in time.

Today was a cloudy day at the pool and that meant it was slightly cold to lift my arms out of the water, but just like when I swam when I was little (like my little sister Hannah swimming in the picture above), you just push through and a couple minutes in you don’t feel cold anymore. No complaints, just do it! I stayed for about an hour before leaving to continue my day.

Here’s what my swim workout consisted of today.

  • 250 free
  • 250 breast
  • 250 back
  • 250 fly
  • 500 free
  • 100 finger-tip drag cool-down

I came home and ate a couple slices of watermelon and a couple leftover squares of zucchini egg bake that were leftover from Monday’s 4 on the 4th breakfast I made, then I took Alpha to see Dr. Roberts for his check-up. Luckily all his levels are all good and he’s feeling back to normal.

We’re having some friends over later tonight so I have to head to the store to pick up a few ingredients for tonights dinner.

I’m making Creamy Basil Pesto Coleslaw, Primal Pizza, Chicken Bacon Poppers and for dessert I haven’t decided yet but I do know it will definitely have coconut in it.

Have you planned your dinner out for tonight? What are you having?