Gluten-Free Recipes

All Paleo Recipes are gluten-free, but not all gluten-free recipes are Paleo. That said, every recipe on Paleo Porn is both Paleo and Gluten-Free :)

Paleo Recipe Paleo Ground Beef Stuffed Yams

Paleo Ground Beef Stuffed Yams

True yams are harder to find than you might think, but they’re just as easy to cook and eat as your standard sweet potato.

Paleo Recipe Sweet and Spicy Paleo Salsa

Sweet and Spicy Salsa

Liven up any weeknight meal by topping it off with this Sweet and Spicy Paleo Salsa.

Paleo Recipe Fig Paleo Ice Cream

Fig Paleo Ice Cream

While fresh figs are in season, pick up a heap of them and make this Fig Paleo Ice Cream recipe.

Paleo Recipe Sage Paleo Quick Bread

Sage Paleo Quick Bread

Whip up some biscuits for dinner with this Paleo Quick Bread recipe. If you don’t have sage, replace it with your favorite herb and get cookin!