Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Chicago

North Ave Beach Chicago

We had an action packed weekend hanging out with our friend Mike, while he was in town. Lots of local street fest concerts, a little SUP and of course some hand stands on the beach. :)

Friday night we went to Fitz Spare Keys to listen to Stubhy and Adam of Lucky Boys Confusion do an acoustic set. Of course only one word to describe their set = Awesome :)

Saturday after I finished my workout and cleaned up with a shower Mike arrived and we started our day with a homemade breakfast. I made us a spinach, red onion and bacon omelet topped with some healthy fat – a few slices of avocado. We had some US Wellness Meats sugar-free bacon on the side along with a slice of grapefruit and a few cherries.

We then headed to the beach! It was a beautiful day to go too, we had bright blue skies and plenty of people watching to do, seeing as the beach was packed! Mike agreed to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding with me so we walked directly to the Great Lakes Board Company stand at North Ave beach. When we said we wanted a rental they told us we had to purchase a lesson since the water was pretty rough that day. They asked if we’d ever SUP’d before and Mike said that I had and he was a newbie. We got the paperwork all signed, our life jackets on, our paddle’s sized for each of us and then we found a nice spot on the beach to put our stuff, where Jeff could watch us. Mike & I then headed over to pick up our boards.

We were waiting on the edge for a little while but since we were given the radio to hand to Hans he had no idea we were waiting for him to come to shore. Finally I said to Mike, let’s just take the boards and meet him out there. I can show you how to get on and we should be all good, so that’s what we did. We paddled our way out to the instructor (Hans) who was surprised to see us but after we explained the situation he was cool with it, and then he headed back to shore. Kinda funny since Mike didn’t really know how to do it and even though I’d paddled once before, I wasn’t doing a very good job of helping Mike.

After a little while Hans came back out and helped Mike with a few pointers. He then told Mike that he had an intermediate board and they were about to swap when I asked if I could take it. As Mike kept saying, I was “a pro”. I didn’t fall much and the intense waves made quite a difference from the calm waters of Magan’s Bay where I had paddled before but it was a great core workout and tons of fun! I was super curious at the difference in the boards and after we switched it seemed to have made a difference for Mike. I was excited to have someone else out on the water with me so whatever made it easier for him was good. We wound up spending about 2.5 hours out on Lake Michigan and I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to go back out there, especially seeing as it’s so much closer to home than St. Thomas ;)

Once we returned our gear we sat on the beach a bit but once we looked at the time we realized we really needed to go if we wanted to catch Adam and his band, AM Taxi, play over at Wicker Park Fest. Turns out the traffic on North Ave was at a stand still and before we got too far I decided to turn around so we wouldn’t miss Stubhy sing with his band, The Super Happy Fun Club, at the Taste of Lincoln Fest. We made it just in time and Jeff was definitely excited we did, hehe

We hung around the fest a while. Interesting enough there were some nice Primal/Paleo options available. I had a greek salad topped with a chicken kabob and a fresh fruit bubble tea (minus the sugar water). Did I include bubbles (tapioca balls) you may ask? Why yes, yes I did.

On Sunday after my workout and a shower I ran out real quick to pick up some groceries, and came across some unique fruits & veggies that I picked up to try. (More on those in an upcoming post!) Jeff was jonesin for an omelet and hash brown breakfast so I picked up some fingerling potatoes while I was out, threw them in a pan with some oil, salt and chopped red onion and fried up some home made round hash browns. We ate those along side a red pepper and pancetta omelet that I topped with some grass-fed white cheddar cheese. We also each had half an avocado that I topped with the last of some previously made pesto.

We finished off the weekend heading back to Taste of Lincoln to see Your Villain My Hero, one of our favorite local cover bands followed by ARRA a classic rock cover band that we initially saw together for the first time before we even started dating, the summer after we graduated high school. This week Thursday will be our 4 year wedding anniversary which also happens to be our 12 year anniversary of dating so it was a perfect time to see them perform.

Overall we had a super fun and eventful weekend and I was so excited Mike was willing to SUP with me. I’m definitely ready to head out and do it again.

How was your weekend? Did you try anything new?