Paleo Skin Care: Vanilla Restructuring Lip Balm

Vanilla Restructuring Lip Balm

I recently visited Magalie Naturals, a french-inspired natural cosmetic boutique right in the heart of Bucktown (Chicago, IL), to explore some natural products. I had an opportunity to speak with Magalie, the owner, who is a very knowledgeable, professional, beautiful french woman; I met her previously at a lotion-making class a few months ago, but this time I was interested in her new product line.

In admiration of her french accent, I listened to her express such enthusiasm toward one of her most popular products – Vanilla Restructuring Lip Balm. Not only did it sound delicious, but I was certain it was all natural coming from her! Yes, please!

Vanilla Restructuring Lip BalmVanilla Restructuring Lip Balm

I made the purchase instantly since I couldn’t wait to try it, and I’m so glad I did. I was already applying the lip balm as I continued to look around. “Ooooooooo” was my initial reaction!

The boutique itself was super awesome. At Magalie Naturals you can learn how to make your own natural products [i.e. hair conditioner, scrub, face cream] by attending a class – and classes are BYOB too!

You can purchase products from Magalie’s cosmetic line in store (not online, yet!), and you can even purchase separate ingredients to experiment in the convenience of your own home! Let’s just say this shop is like heaven for someone like me. But, let me tell you about this lip balm; I can’t get over it!

I attended one of the classes and produced Simple Day Cream. I must say it was a pretty cool experience! I, myself, have never used the methods I learned that day when making my own products. I felt like a scientist observing an incredible science experiment right before my eyes. The best part was taking home my very own handmade product!

Pros of Lip Balm

Other than being all natural (YAY!), this balm has awesome moisturizing properties, a nice thick balmy texture, easily absorbs, and leaves my lips feeling super soft with a nice lasting shine. Yum!

Cons of Lip Balm

There aren’t really any cons; however, the vanilla scent – although completely natural – is a little overpowering for me.

(Please note this is only based on my own personal preference and my sensitivity to certain smells.)

A look at the Ingredients

Picking up this product, I immediately [and happily] recognized all of the 6 ingredients; it is very comforting to see all contents I’m familiar with – none from my Red Flag List

Paleo Skin Care Red Flag List

i.e. parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrance/coloring. To know what specific ingredients are on my Red Flag List see the banner and/or go to the Paleo Personal Care page to read more.

Ingredients (in chronological order)

  1. Shea Butter
  2. Shea butter is the fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea Tree (Vitellaria paradoxa); it’s completely natural, edible, has anti-inflammatory properties, healing properties, and moisturizing properties (Source)

  3. Coconut Butter
  4. Coconut butter is naturally occurring coconut fat; it’s high in antioxidants, has anti-aging properties, moisturizing and sun-protecting properties (Source)

  5. Avocado Oil
  6. Avocado oil is pressed from the avocado fruit; it’s natural, edible, and has great moisturizing properties (Source)

  7. Beeswax
  8. Beeswax is produced naturally in bee hives; although large amounts of wax shouldn’t be ingested, topically this ingredient is deemed safe (Source)

  9. Vitamin E Butter
  10. Vitamin E Butter actually has 3 ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, and Tocopherol (Vitamin E) – all naturally occuring and safe; it’s rich in vitamin E, has healing properties, and has the ability to reduce appearance of scars (Source)

  11. Vanilla Extract
  12. Vanilla extract is an herbal extract made from vanilla beans, ethyl alcohol, and water (all extracts are made this way); completely natural and safe (Source)

I love each and every one of these ingredients, and I definitely feel 100% comfortable applying these onto my skin!

Product Recap

This balm is definitely effective as a lip moisturizer. I have tried other natural lip balms before, and most are never as good as the commercial ones; whether too oily, unusual texture, or just containing toxic ingredients in general. I was surprised to find this lip balm quite comparable – while also being all natural, safe, and super effective!

All in all, it’s safe to say this Lip Balm is da Bomb!

Vanilla Restructuring Lip Balm

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Paleo Skin Care: Vanilla Restructuring Lip Balm

Product: Vanilla Restructuring Lip Balm, by Magalie Naturals
Price: $
Product Rating: 5 out of 5
Paleo Rating: 5 out of 5

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