6 Reasons YOU Should Be Running in the Rain

Five Fingers - Run in the Rain

I was up early this morning to drop Dave off at the airport after a nice long visit and decided instead of going back home and going to bed that I’d run some errands to pick up some groceries, stop at the library, drop off some items at Good Will and for my last stop I was going to drop off my car for an oil change at the dealer and go for a run. I wasn’t considering what the weather would be like when planning my day.

Since competing in my first triathlon, I haven’t been running because I wanted to spend time hanging out with Dave & Adam while they were in town and this morning I made up mind that I was going to run.

The weather is never a deciding factor for when I make plans, and just when I was heading to drop off my car it started to rain. By the time I got to the dealer the rain was coming down hard and not letting up. I dropped off my car and my friend Todd, who works there as a service consultant, asked if I wanted a lift home. I thought about it for a second then turned him down, I was ready to do this! I put on my head phones and headed towards home!

I don’t know about you but while I’m running I tend to listen to music and every once in a while my thoughts seem to scream so loud in my head that I don’t hear the music at all. While I was running I was thinking of all the times I had decided not to do something because of the weather, so I decided to write out this list.

Six Reasons To Run in the Rain

  1. It doesn’t matter where you run outside, there definitely won’t be a crowd fighting for the trails and roads.
  2. Wearing water-resistant shoes, such as the Vibram Five Finger Flow, will make a difference. They make it easy to run whether it’s wet or dry.
  3. It’s reminiscent of running through a sprinkler, like when you were little (or maybe just like this past weekend?)
  4. No one will know whether you sweat a lot or not, it all looks the same when you’re drenched.
  5. It’s perfect triathlon training because…you know when you sign up for one it runs rain or shine! You’ll get two activities done at once (swim & run) now just hop on the bike and you’ve done a triathlon in really great time. ;)
  6. It’s fun jumping over puddles & branches and giving yourself new hurdles to jump through instead of mindlessly running.
  7. BONUS POINTS It feels great when you’re done to have followed through with the plans you had made, regardless of whether it was raining or not.

Next time it’s raining, try not to let it change your plans, just run or do whatever you had planned anyways. :)