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mmm...Coffee Paleo Denver

In the first episode of Paleo Porn Quickies we had a blast in Denver with Derek and Jami of mmm…COFFEE!. mmm…COFFEE! was, by our calculations, the first 100% Paleo Restaurant. Join us as we take a walk through their menu and learn a bit about their story.

And if you find yourself in their neck of the woods be sure to stop in and tell them Jeff and Marla from Paleo Porn sent you!

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Episode Details

Show: Paleo Porn Quickies
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Duration: 08:25
Release Date: 07/18/14
Host: Marla Sarris
Videographer / Editor: Jeff Sarris

Episode Transcript

Marla Sarris: Hey! So we’re on Santa Fe right now in Denver. And we are heading to mmm…COFFEE!

mmm…COFFEE! is a paleo coffee shop so we’re gonna go check it out!

So we’re walking down Santa Fe right now in Denver. And heading to mmm…COFFEE! at the recommendation of our friend Nick.

It’s a paleo coffee shop and restaurant and we’re gonna go check it out!

I’m gonna try a Crackaroon and a salad.

Jeff Sarris: And what is that?

Marla Sarris: A Crackaroon? It’s over there. It’s probably like a… Cocoroon? Cocoroon I think is the correct name.

Jeff Sarris: Like a macaroon cookie?

Marla Sarris: Ya, a macaroon but it’s called Crackaroon I’m sure because people get addicted to it so we’re going to give that a try. And then I’m probably going to get the Sardines on Greens salad.

Kat: That is pecans, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, a splash of vanilla, coconut and raw local honey.

Derek Fynboh: So this is the Aeropress if you’ve never seen one of these. Actually this is an old Aeropress. This is mine from 10 years ago, they last forever.

Simple mechanics. Just put in your ground coffee, there’s just a little paper filter on the bottom. Holds it all in the screen. Stir and agitate the grounds in hot water for about 20, 30 seconds. And you just press it through.

Kat: Derek wanted to start a coffee shop and asked Jami to do…

Jami Fynboh: The second one.

Kat: Ya, the second one. So Derek asked Jami if she would cook for the coffee shop and she said,

“…only if I do strictly paleo and only if you go paleo.”

So he went paleo and all of our food’s been paleo.

It was Wednesday the Third, a cool, but cozy night.

Jami Fynboh: Marla, I’m Jami.

Marla Sarris: Nice to meet you. Derek, and this is Jeff.

Jami Fynboh: Hi Jeff

I’m Jami Fynboh and this is my husband Derek.

Marla Sarris: And we are at mmm…COFFEE! in Denver. So when did you guys start?

Jami Fynboh: We started October of 2012. October 2nd.

Marla Sarris: And what made you start a coffee shop that’s paleo focused?

Jami Fynboh: Well we had a coffee shop back in the 90’s, that’s actually how we met and…

Derek Fynboh: We gave it up when our daughter was born. Focused on her for the next 13 years or so. And she was more independent so we figured we’d get back into the coffee business.

I just wanted a coffee shop really, but she’d been paleo for a year and a half before that and wouldn’t cook for me unless she could eat everything on the menu. So we decided to go paleo and do a full paleo restaurant with everything.

Marla Sarris: This is Reishi Coffee. They grow mushrooms on top of beans. Am I getting that right? They grow mushrooms on top of the beans.

Derek Fynboh: The biochemist that came up with it worked a lot with Reishi Mushrooms. And studied the way they grow and interact with the vegetation around them. In the forest they actually feed nutrients into the plant that they’re growing on or around.

So they’ll take the green beans and they’ll lay it out. Put a medium of the Reishi Mushrooms on and let it grow for a couple of weeks. And the Reishi Mushrooms just eat the compounds in the green beans that cause it to be acidic or bitter. So it makes a really low acid, smooth cup of coffee.

It actually enhances the flavor of lower end coffees. In the higher end coffees that we use it trims a little bit of the sourness off. We do it at a lighter roast here.

Usually a lighter roast will give you a more sour taste. Or a more acidic taste to the coffee. This smooths it out nicely so it cuts off the high that might become unpleasant.

Marla Sarris: Cool. So when I taste it am I going to get a taste of mushroom?

Derek Fynboh: No, you won’t taste it at all because there’re no actual mushrooms in here.

Marla Sarris: And right now you offer a wide variety on the menu…

Jami Fynboh: Pretty wide variety. We’ve pretty much kept it simple. I literally cook out of 100 square feet. I share my kitchen with our dry storage, our ice machine and our dishwasher and our dishwashing sink. So it’s pretty crowded and there’s not a lot I can do.

Marla Sarris: It’s like a home kitchen.

Jami Fynboh: It’s smaller than my home kitchen. Much!

This is my kitchen. This is the only space I have to make everything here at mmm…COFFEE! A Paleo Bistro. This is where I make all my soups. This is Creamy Chicken Tomato, kind of our house soup.

And this is my little baby oven that I make all my savories and all my sweets in. I have to wipe it out in between both so the flavors don’t cross over.

And it is quite a challenge!

Derek Fynboh: All the recipes are things that we would eat at home before we opened this up. We just brought the way we live to here.

Jami Fynboh: Smaller. We’re actually negotiating on our second location right now. Which would offer a bigger kitchen so that I could get a little more creative and offer a little bit more variety of savories and baked goods.

Jeff Sarris: So these are Turkey Bacon Wrapped Dates.

Jami Fynboh: It’s been an amazing journey. As far as we know we’re the first and only strictly Paleo in the United States. So we get people from all over the world coming in. People on a layover at the airport will literally rent a car just to come out here and eat.

It’s just been an amazing journey. There are no words to even describe it.

Oh when I leave the recipe for my salad dressings, because I make them, they’re like “how much salt and pepper?” A dash. And they’re like, “what does that mean?” So I actually had to measure how much.

Marla Sarris: I love it. I meeting other people who do the same thing as I do.

Jami Fynboh: A pinch here, you know.

Marla Sarris: Until it tastes right.

Jami Fynboh: Ya, and you know it always tastes the same. Always, always. But it tastes homemade and that’s the whole point. I want people to feel like they’re eating at home. I don’t want people to feel like they’re eating at a restaurant.

Marla Sarris: And how about your Paleo journey?

Jami Fynboh: It changed my life. So much so that I opened a restaurant.

Ya, I was really sick and nobody really knew what was wrong. I had a lot of doctors pat me on the head and tell me to take a Prozac.

Changing my diet changed my life.

Marla Sarris: Awesome. And the food is super tasty!

Jami Fynboh: Oh thank you so much!

Marla Sarris: I had the Sardines Salad and you’ll see more on the blog of what we ate, but everything has been delicious.

Jami Fynboh: Good!

Derek Fynboh: Good, good. Glad you enjoyed it.

Marla Sarris: Coming to you from Denver.

Jami Fynboh: Yay! Come see us!

Derek Fynboh: 910 Santa Fe!

Marla Sarris: So we just came back from mmm…COFFEE! And we met Derek and Jami, the owners.

We had the best time with them. They told us all about their paleo experience, and opening their coffee shop and how it’s the first and only Paleo Restaurant here in Denver.

We got to try a whole host of their menu. And we even got to see the tiny little kitchen that Jami cooks everything in.

We had a blast with them and I can’t wait for you to check out the review on

Come on over to Denver!

Jami Fynboh: I want people to feel like they’re eating at home. I don’t want people to feel like they’re eating at a restaurant.

I just want to nourish people. That’s all I want to do.