Is Wheat Germ Paleo?


Wheat germ is the other little part of the wheat grain that comes included in all those “healthy” whole grains. Conventional wisdom has recently touted whole grains as the paragon of health, with very little science to back up these claims. The reasoning is that whole grains are higher in fiber, which aids digestion and helps prevent massive spikes in blood sugar. The problem with this is that grains (especially wheat) are so high in carbs that even whole grains are known to cause a massive spike in blood sugar.

Paleo and Whole Grains

Whole grains also tend to come with more antinutrients than refined grains. This includes lectins, which are known to interfere with leptin receptors (the receptors for the hormone that tells us when we’ve had enough to eat) (source), and phytic acid, which interferes with mineral receptors in the body, leading to mineral deficiencies. Even though wheat germ is high in nutrients like manganese, phosphorous and zinc, the antinutrients prevent us from being able to access those nutrients.

Denise Minger did an excellent job of tearing apart one study on the benefits of whole grain fiber.