Is Veal Paleo?


Veal is just baby beef, and since beef is Paleo, there’s no reason we can’t include veal.

The Benefits of Grass-Fed

As with all meat, if you can find organic, grass-fed veal, you’ll be better off than with conventional veal. Veal comes from the male calves of dairy cows, who get slaughtered because they can’t produce milk and mature dairy cows don’t make good beef. Veal is generally slaughtered at six-to-eight months, and as with all meat, how they spend those months can make a difference to the nutritional profile they provide.

The Eco-Friendly Approach

Conventional veal calves are raised in crates where they aren’t able to move around and they’re generally fed a milk-replacement formula, which (much like human formula) is not nearly as nutritious as milk made by their mothers. Veal that has been raised outside and allowed to eat grass will be a much more nutritious (and eco-friendly) choice.

Mark Sisson discussed the pros and cons of veal in this post.

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