Is Turkey Paleo?


Turkey is one big bird that can absolutely be included as part of a healthy Paleo lifestyle. It tends to be a little more fatty than chicken, which is great news for us because we want all the fat we can get. That also means you can enjoy that turkey gravy, just be sure to make your own. The store-bought gravies almost always have wheat added as a thickener.

The Nutrients

In addition to the fat and protein, turkey is also an excellent source of many of the micronutrients found in chicken, most notably phosphorous, zinc, and various B vitamins.

The Fresher the Better

As always, you’re better off buying fresh turkey meat whenever you can. Cold cuts and lunch meats tend to have all sorts of chemicals and preservatives added and we don’t want anything to do with those. If you need sliced turkey, you’re better off going to your local butcher and buying some fresh sliced turkey there.

Mark Sisson has a whole post on the pros and cons of cold cuts.