Is Taro Paleo?


Taro is a starchy root vegetable, similar to yams or sweet potatoes, and can absolutely be included as part of a healthy Paleo lifestyle. It comes loaded with vitamin E, various B vitamins, and manganese. As far as vegetables go, taro is fairly low in anti-nutrients, and most of those can be eliminated by removing the skin and properly cooking the taro.

Paleo and Carbohydrates

Taro is an extremely starchy tuber, composed almost entirely of carbohydrates. For this reason, many people avoid it, or even go so far as to claim it’s not Paleo, but they’d be wrong. While it might be too heavy a carb load for some people, others might benefit from the extra carbs, especially if they’re working out.

The Benefits of Fiber

Despite the carbs, Taro lies pretty low on the glycemic index because it is chock full of fiber. That fiber slows down the digestion of the carbs, preventing a massive spike in blood sugar. It also helps feed the beneficial bacteria in our guts, which can help keep everything from our immune system to our cognitive function in working order.

If you’ve never tried taro before, Stephanie has some ideas for you.

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