Is Spelt Paleo?


Spelt is an ancient form of wheat that has been grown and eaten for more than 7000 years. Although that may seem like a long time, it’s not long enough for our bodies to have adapted to eating wheat of any kind.

Paleo and Grains

Grains were introduced into our diet about 10000 years ago, when agriculture was invented. That’s also when we started getting cavities and various physical deformities (including crooked teeth) as a result of malnutrition.

Better ≠ Good

Spelt has been touted as a health food because of it’s status as an ancient grain. It may be a better option than the much newer dwarf wheat (that comes with an extra load of gluten and even fewer nutrients), but a better choice is not necessarily a good choice. Like all grains, spelt is still low in nutrients and high in carbohydrates and anti-nutrients (including gluten).

If you’re still not convinced that grains are unhealthy, Mark Sisson has no shortage of reasons to avoid them.