Is Smoked Salmon Paleo?


We know salmon is healthy, but what about smoked salmon? Does the smoking process oxidize all those fragile PUFAs?

The Benefits of Smoking Salmon

As it turns out, it does not. On the contrary, smoking salmon has been shown to protect the PUFAs against oxidation. In fact, studies have shown that smoking salmon at high heat (95 degrees Celsius, to be exact) has been proven to have more stable PUFAs than fresh fish.

Cold- vs. Heat-Smoked

You can always cold-smoke salmon (smoke it without heat), which you might think would further protect the PUFAs contained in the fish, but that’s not actually the case. The fact is cold-smoked salmon is more likely to oxidize than heat-smoked salmon.

What to Smoke Salmon With

That said, not all smoked salmon is created equal. Different smoking operations use different types of wood (some even use sawdust) and the type of wood probably makes a difference in the final product. Wood has bioactive components, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be able to impart some of those plant-based antioxidants to the fish via smoking.

Even Mark Sisson approves of smoked salmon.

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