Is Quorn Paleo?


Quorn is a meat substitute made out of fungus, but why would you want a meat substitute? Quorn isn’t even that high in protein. You can get more protein from nuts and eggs if you’re really set on avoiding meat.

Reasons to Eat Meat

Far from being a threat to our health, meat is actually essential to it. Protein gets talked about a lot, but what about the other vitamins and minerals? What about the B vitamins (you can’t get vitamin B12 anywhere other than animal sources)? Or the choline? Not to mention the saturated and monounsaturated fats that we thrive on.

Mind the Micronutrients

Committing to a healthy lifestyle requires much more than macronutrients like fat and protein. Our bodies need the full array of micronutrients in order to stay fit and strong, and only by including meat in our diet can we accomplish that.

Mark Sisson refused to give quorn his seal of approval.