Is Pita Bread Paleo?


Pita bread is a type of leavened bread made from wheat flour. Since wheat is not Paleo, we can’t include pita bread either.

A High-Carb Food

Pita bread is a cheap source of energy that provides a lot of carbohydrates and almost no fat or protein. This means we are getting energy that is processed quickly and causes a spike in blood sugar, leading to a crash later on that leaves you feeling tired and cranky and craving more carbs.

Paleo and Insulin Resistance

This blood sugar roller coaster is ill-advised because, over a period of time, it leads to chronic inflammation and insulin resistance. The rise in blood sugar creates a corresponding rise in insulin to deal with all that sugar. The more your cells encounter insulin, the more resistant they become to accepting it. The pancreas then has to produce more insulin to compensate, leading to metabolic disorders that are known precursors to everything from diabetes to cancer.

If that’s not enough reason to avoid grains, Mark Sisson has a few more for you.