Is Passion Fruit Paleo?


Fruit is pretty contentious in the Paleo world, and passion fruit is no exception. On the one hand, it is pretty high in sugar. Although our ancestors evolved eating fruits and vegetables whenever they could get their hands on them, the fruits they foraged were virtually unrecognizable from the fruits we have today, which have been bred to be sweeter and less nutritious than their wild varieties.

Sugar vs. Sugar

On the other hand, sugar from whole fruits is still far less damaging than table sugar, especially when combined with the fiber that is present in all fruits and vegetables. The fiber helps slow down the digestion of the sugar, so it doesn’t cause the massive spike in blood sugar that table sugar causes.

The Health Benefits

Unlike table sugar, fruit comes with vitamins and minerals that we need to stay healthy and strong. Passion fruit in particular comes loaded with vitamin C and iron, an excellent combination, because our bodies need vitamin C in order to make use of the iron. Fruits and vegetables also come loaded with antioxidants, which help prevent the inflammation that is often a result of consuming too much sugar.


That said, severe carbohydrate restriction can still be beneficial for some people. If you find that carbohydrates, no matter where they come from, tend to make you feel less than your best, then you might be better off avoiding fruits as well.

Mark Sisson has an excellent post on how to tell which fruits make for the healthiest options.

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