Is Panko Paleo?


A Fancy Name for Breadcrumbs

Panko refers to breadcrumbs made from a type of Japanese bread that was baked by injecting it with an electric current, rather than an oven. The result is a crustless bread that is lighter and crisper, but alas, it’s still bread. It’s a refined product made from grains that are not only low in nutrients, but also contain anti-nutrients that prevent us from accessing the few nutrients it does contain.

A Little Can Do a Lot of Damage

Recipes with panko may only call for a little to coat other foods in, but even a little bit of bread can do serious damage, whether you feel it or not. The gluten and phytates are still present, causing leaky gut, inflammation, and mineral deficiencies.

More Reasons to Avoid Grains

If you need more reasons to avoid grains, Mark Sisson has a whole list for you.