Is Ostrich Paleo?


Ostrich is not as widely available as chicken, turkey, or beef, but meat is meat. Those of us living a Paleo lifestyle know that, far from being unhealthy, eating meat on a regular basis is actually essential for getting all the nutrients we need to maintain a healthy mind and body, and that includes ostrich.

Big Birds Are More Like Cattle

Although ostriches are birds, their meat does not look or taste anything like the meat of other birds, such as chicken and turkeys. It looks and tastes more like beef, but with a slightly more mild flavor. It’s a low-fat meat, but that’s no reason to avoid it. It also contains plenty of protein, calcium and iron, making it an excellent addition to any meal.

How to Buy and Prepare Ostrich

If you can get your hands on some ostrich meat, go for it. If you want more tips on how to select and prepare your own ostrich meat, Stephanie has you covered.

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