Is Maple Syrup Paleo?


Maple syrup and honey have a lot in common. They’re both sugar, so at first glance, they may not seem like they can fit into a Paleo lifestyle. They are both whole food forms of sugar though, and they have been consumed by humans for as long as we’ve known about them.

Table Sugar v. Maple Syrup

Unlike table sugar, maple syrup contains a fair number of antioxidants which help counteract a lot of sugar’s negative side effects. For starters, they boost immune function (table sugar reduces it) and reduce inflammation (which table sugar increases).


It’s all a matter of N=1 though. Just because you’re Paleo buddy is slurping down maple syrup next to you does not necessarily mean you can do the same. As with everything, the only way to tell what works for you is to conduct some self-experimentation. If you’re active and you can handle the extra load of carbs, go for it. On the other hand, if you find you’re sensitive to sugar and it doesn’t do you any favors, you might be better off avoiding it, and that includes maple syrup.

Mark Sisson put maple syrup in Primal limbo.