Is Liver Paleo?


Living a Paleo lifestyle is all about ditching the nutrient-deficient foods, like grains and legumes, in favor of nutrient-rich foods, and you can’t get more nutritious than liver.

The Richest of Nutrient-Rich Foods

Liver not only comes with the usual nutrients associated with red meat (protein, iron, B vitamins etc.), but it is an exceptionally rich source of all sorts of nutrients, particularly vitamin A and copper.

Isn’t the Liver a Filter?

One of the arguments against liver is that it’s the body’s filter. It’s what keeps toxins and pollutants from contaminating the rest of the body. Does that mean eating liver is the same as eating all those dangerous substances?

A Healthy Organ

Not even remotely. The liver is an organ, not a filter. It needs to be healthy in order for the rest of the body to be healthy, just like all our other organs. Instead of holding on to waste, the liver generally ejects it through urine via the kidneys. If you’re still uncertain, Mark Sisson had a more comprehensive post on this issue.