Is Lettuce Paleo?


The Darker The Better

Don’t allow yourself to be scared off by the nutrient-deficient iceberg lettuce. It’s a favorite of restaurants for its low price and crispy texture, but the dark varieties of lettuce have much more to offer.

The Nutrients

Huge amounts of vitamin K and various B vitamins are just the start. Vitamin K is essential for transporting calcium to our bones from our bloodstream, which is good because otherwise the calcium just hangs out in our arteries, building up plaque. It’s also good because lettuce tends to come with a fair amount of calcium, as well as iron and manganese.

So don’t skimp on the lettuce the next time you make yourself a Big Ass Salad. In fact, according to Mark Sisson, there are a number of reasons to be sure you eat lots of leafy greens.

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