Is Lemongrass Paleo?


Lemongrass is just what it sounds like: a grass with a mild citrusy flavor to it. Don’t worry. We don’t expect you to go around eating grass. Instead, lemongrass is most often used as an herb or the oil is extracted and used to repel insects.

The Health Benefits

Herbs are full of antioxidants and lemongrass is no exception. Antioxidants are excellent at reducing inflammation in our bodies and helping maintain a strong immune system. Adding herbs to your diet has been shown to improve blood pressure and glucose tolerance. Before the big pharmaceutical companies came along, most people used herbs and spices to remedy whatever ailed them and sometimes that is still the best option.

Other Uses

You can use lemongrass in anything from tea to stir-fry to curry. You can even make your own Paleo-friendly lip balm using lemongrass essential oil. Or you can just keep it around the house (or garden) as a safe, effective pesticide (although it tends to attract, rather than repel, bees).

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