Is Kremelta Paleo?


Kremelta is coconut oil that has been fully hydrogenated with a little soy lecithin added to help it all emulsify. This is both good and bad news.

Partially vs. Fully Hydrogenated

Fully hydrogenated means the coconut oil goes from a highly-saturated fat to a completely saturated fat. Hydrogenizing it eliminates all of the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats present in coconut oil. They’re not necessarily bad fats, they’re just less stable than saturated fats.

Trans Fat-Free

Because the coconut oil is fully hydrogenated, it doesn’t contain any trans fats (unlike partially-hydrogenated oils). That’s good news, but that still doesn’t make it a health food.

Paleo and Soy

Toss in the soy lecithin (which is not Paleo and cause digestive issues in some people) and it’s hard to justify kremelta as a safe source of fat, especially when you can just get good old-fashioned coconut oil, lard, or grass-fed butter.

Mark Sisson addressed the suitability of kremelta in a Paleo lifestyle.