Is Hummus Paleo?


Hummus is made mostly of chickpeas, a legume which is not Paleo-friendly due to its high carbohydrate and phytic acid content.

Proper Preparation

If you make your own hummus with sprouted chickpeas, high-quality olive oil and lemon juice, then it would probably fall in the “less bad” category as far as cheats go, but it would still be a cheat.

Avoid Store-Bought

Most of the hummus you get at restaurants or your local grocery store are much worse. They tend to be made with canned chickpeas and rancid vegetable oils that come packed with omega-6 fats (as if the beans didn’t have enough omega-6 fats to begin with). You’re much better off avoiding hummus, but if you really can’t resist, take the time to make your own.

Mark Sisson explained why hummus is not Paleo.