Is Herbal Tea Paleo?


Herbal tea is not tea at all, but a collection of herbs, spices, and sometimes fruit, that can be steeped in boiling water to produce a drink much like tea. This can be a comforting way to get all the health benefits of these herbs and spices as they soak into the water.

An Ancient Practice

Tea (both the plant and herbal varieties) have a long history in just about every society on earth. We’ve been drying and steeping plants for about as long as we’ve been farming, so even though our cavemen ancestors probably weren’t drinking tea, that’s no reason for us to dismiss it from our diets. Tea can be a delicious way to get the anti-oxidants and nutrients contained in those herbs and spices, often in a more concentrated form than when we cook with them.

Buy it or Make Your Own

You can buy herbal tea just about anywhere, but you can always make your own using herbs and spices from your local grocery store. Mark Sisson has a few suggestions for herbal teas you can make at home to help with specific ailments.