Is Heart Paleo?


Part of living a Paleo lifestyle includes eating the entire animal. That means all the bones and organs as well as the muscle meat. This is not only more eco-friendly (nothing goes to waste), it’s more nutritious. Muscle meat has plenty of nutrients, but it has nothing on the good stuff we can get from the organs.

A Muscle Disguised As An Organ

Heart is a little tricky because it’s an internal organ, but it’s technically a muscle. It works vey hard for the entire life of the animal, and for that reason it can be pretty tough. Just be sure not to overcook it and you’ll be fine.

A Super Food With Super Flavor

If you’ve never had heart before, I highly recommend it. Beef heart tastes just like beef only beefier. Chicken heart is usually sold with the giblets of the animal, and no matter what animal you get your heart from, you’re in for one nutritious meal. Heart has more protein than the standard muscle meat, in addition to being loaded with selenium, phosphorous, zinc, CoQ10, and a number of B vitamins.

Take Advantage of Others’ Squeamishness

It’s only recently that Americans have gotten away from eating the insides of animals. This works out well for those of us who want those parts, because they’re much cheaper than the muscle meat. To get the most bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with organ meats.

Mark Sisson has an excellent guide to what organs we should be eating and why.