Is Grapefruit Paleo?


Grapefruit has been used by dieters for decades as a way to lose weight because of its low fat content, but what about those of us who are no longer afraid of fat? Can grapefruit still have a place in our diets?

The Studies

Absolutely. As it turns out, grapefruit has other properties that may actually be beneficial for those who want to lose weight. Grapefruit contains a particular type of flavonoid that has been shown to up-regulate certain receptors that naturally turn on in the fasted state. Some studies have shown that ingestion of this particular type of flavonoid can lead to similar metabolic enhancements in human subjects, while other studies found no significant effects.

The Proven Health Benefits

Even if the flavonoids have no effect, you can still obtain benefits from eating grapefruit. It is low in sugar and high in anti-oxidants, both of which are beneficial. Just don’t go eating piles of them on a daily basis, and always go for the whole fruit instead of the juice whenever possible. The fruit has beneficial fiber to lower blood sugar and feed your gut bacteria, whereas store-bought juice is likely to have added sugar.

Mark Sisson addressed some of the health claims of grapefruit and found it to be, at the very least, harmless and probably beneficial.