Is Ginger Paleo?


Vegetable As Spice

Ginger is a member of the rhizome family, which technically makes it a vegetable, but it is most often used as a spice. Whether you choose to cook with it fresh or ground, ginger can pack quite the punch, both in terms of flavor and nutrition.

The Nutrients

Ginger is high in magnesium, manganese, and various B vitamins. The amount of ginger we normally use in a meal (or tea) provides only negligible amounts of these vitamins and minerals. Most of us don’t go around chowing down on whole stalks of ginger, but it’s good to know that, if we wanted to, we could do so and know we were getting a very healthy snack.

Mark Sisson includes fresh ginger in his list of ingredients to make your meals pop, but don’t discount the power of powdered ginger.