Is Fish Sauce Paleo?


Fish sauce is just fish and salt that have been left to ferment. Since fish and salt are both Paleo, we can certainly include fish sauce in our Paleo fare.

The Benefits of Fermenting

It’s true that cavemen may not have been fermenting their fish, but fermentation is a natural process with proven health benefits. It has been shown to make certain nutrients in food more digestible and eliminate some of the anti-nutrients. We don’t really have to worry about anti-nutrients in fish, but fish sauce does have some demonstrated health benefits.

A Nutrient-Dense Condiment

To start with, it has antioxidant properties and has proven effective in battling free radicals. Like fish, fish sauce also comes loaded with all the same nutrients you would get from eating fish, including a slew of B vitamins and minerals such as selenium, iron, iodine, calcium, and magnesium. It’s generally used as a condiment, but a condiment that can pack one nutritional punch.

If you’ve never used fish sauce before, Mark Sisson has several suggestions on what to do with it.